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Welcome to Snow to Snoap! Thank you for dropping by my blog! I started this blog as a way to share our adventures with family and friends, and I am so glad you came by to take a look. Expect lots of Disney, food, and Florida fun! I’ll also share information about my transition to becoming a teacher in central Florida.

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Todd English’s bluezoo Review

EDITORIAL NOTE: I saw “bluezoo” written several ways: bluezoo, BlueZoo, and Bluezoo. I don’t know which way Mr. English intended. I’m going with bluezoo because that is how Disney lists it. Anyway. Thank you for indulging me. The Dolphin resort features a great seafood and steakhouse called “Todd English’s bluezoo.” We had dinner at this…

Dolphin Resort Stay and Review

This weekend, we got to stay at the Dolphin Resort for the weekend! Our main mission was to scout (and possibly put an offer in on) houses here, in Central Florida. For our stay, Bobby’s new company put us up in a hotel for the weekend while we did some house hunting. Obviously, we were…

Job Hunt Tips for Teachers

Last week was very exciting because I officially accepted a new teaching position in Florida! I’ll be teaching 7th grade English! I’m very excited, and the school seems like it will be a great fit. So, this week, I thought I’d share a few job hunt tips. If you’re hunting for a new teaching gig,…

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Hi there! Dani here!

I’m the person behind the keyboard, and I am so honored that you took some time to poke around our blog! I created this space as a way to share our adventures with our family and friends. As Oz, Bobby, and I move from Illinois to Florida, there are sure to be many adjustments and adventures along the way. This blog is an important part of my goal to enjoy the journey.